KO considers that several companies mislead consumers by setting an excessively high normal price and then presenting the actual price of the product as if it were a sale price. The overpriced prices are often never used, or only used for a few days.

- We believe that companies are deceiving consumers by pretending to have sales and lower prices. There will also be an unhealthy competition that disadvantages companies that behave and follow the rules, says process council Pär Magnusson in a press release.

The companies that mislead

The three companies that KO now prohibit using misleading regular prices are Sportamore, Intersport and Ur & Penn. Sportamore and Ur & Penn are also prohibited from using sales in a misleading manner.

Thus, companies must not claim that the price is lower when the goods are not lowered. Ur & Penn is also prohibited from using the word sale unless sales are carried out for a limited time.

Risk of fine

KO also prohibits Sportamore from using certain terms in its marketing association if the company's prices are not actually significantly lower than regular prices. They may no longer use: "Summer's must to 30% off", "Summer jump -30%", "Summer sale" or other terms with similar meaning.

If the companies now violate the ban, they risk being fined up to SEK 2 million.

SVT News has failed to reach Sportamore, Intersport or Ur & Penn.