In the space of three weeks, Luis Fernando Camacho has emerged as one of the leaders of the opposition to the former Bolivian President, Evo Morales, for his radicalism and his provocations.

Tribute from the world of business and not from politics, Luis Fernando Camacho is chairman of the pro-Santa Cruz committee since 2017, an organization that brings together traders, entrepreneurs and the good conservative society of Santa Cruz de las Sierras, the economic capital of the Bolivia.

This 40-year-old entrepreneur, a lawyer by profession, did not wait for the proclamation of the official results to demand, as of October 21, the resignation of the president by launching a call to the general strike. "This movement will last until we confirm the holding of a second round," he then launches to the crowd, denouncing a vote tainted by fraud.

Por cada minuto cuenta para la recuperación de nuestra democracia, iniciamos el paro cívico indefinido a las 10 de la noche del día de hoy a los pies de nuestro Cristo Redentor.

Lugar sagrado para los cruceños, donde our juramos hacer respetar nuestra democracia!

Luis Fernando Camacho (@LuisFerCamachoV) October 22, 2019

While this strike is supposed to concern only the city of Santa Cruz, historical bastion of the opposition to Evo Morales, it is spreading rapidly to the main cities of the country.

Very right

In his fight against Evo Morales, Luis Fernando Camacho is close to Carlos Mesa, former president of Bolivia and Evo Morales' main opponent in the October elections, before finally distancing himself. Indeed, if Carlos Mesa is located in the center-right of the political chessboard, the head of the civic committee of Santa Cruz, him, claims a straight line more uninhibited.

The young Camacho has made his way to the "Union of Young Crucenists", a movement described as a racist paramilitary group targeting the "indigenous", according to an international human rights organization.


At the end of October, following his call to strike, Luis Fernando Camacho quickly hardened his position, reinforced by a growing popularity. He then decides to "radicalize the national civic strike" and calls to block the country's institutions.

"I address President Morales to say to him that the Bolivian people will protect state institutions from today." On November 4, before tens of thousands of people gathered in Santa Cruz, he gave Evo Morales 48 hours to resign. With this ultimatum, Luis Fernando Camacho draws a letter of resignation, written by him, which he plans, he says, to deliver personally to the President the next day.

But while he is stuck at the airport on government orders while supporters of Evo Morales demonstrate against him, his project is aborted. This is only part of the discount, Luis Fernando Camacho assured, who plans to go back to La Paz every day until he can hand it over to the president.

El Aeropuerto Internacional de el Alto ha sido tomado por grupos violos, no permiten ingreso o salida de pasajeros nacionales e internacionales. NO WILL GUARANTEE THE SEGURIDAD. @ soyfdelrincon @ ONU_es @ OEA_oficial @ CNNEE # Bolivia # concludedELEXBOL14

Luis Fernando Camacho (@LuisFerCamachoV) November 5, 2019

Shortly before the announcement of the resignation of Evo Morales, it is the triumphant air, a Bible in the hand, that Luis Fernando Camacho enters the "Palacio Quemado", decided to finally hand the letter of resignation in white to his sworn enemy.

Posing the holy book on the Bolivian flag on the floor of the former headquarters of the executive, the leader of the rebellion in Santa Cruz promises to "bring God back to the burned palace".

Camacho and Biblia entraron al Palacio. Game over

pablo stefanoni (@PabloAStefanoni) November 10, 2019

After the departure of Evo Morales, first Native American to have acceded to the Bolivian presidency, Luis Fernando Camacho savored the victory. "Bolivia is going to be the hope of all Latin America, Communism is over, we will have freedom and democracy," says the man who says he wants to fight the left across the continent. "We Bolivians will resume the fight to restore Venezuela's dignity, as well as all countries that have been humiliated."

"Divine Justice"

After declaring that an arrest warrant had been issued against the former president (information subsequently denied by the police commander), Luis Fernando Camacho, still offensive, now demands that the strike be continued. for two days the time to set up a transitional government. A delay necessary, according to him, to initiate the trial of the former officials who violated the Constitution by allowing Evo Morales to remain in power.

The day that President Morales resigned was born a new Bolivia, says Luis Fernando Camacho. "It's not hatred or resentment, it's called Divine Justice, and Divine Justice has said that what should be done on this earth should be done, and we can not leave those who have destroyed our country unpunished in 14 years, "he adds.

Conservative and charismatic, his constant mention of the "power of God" does not go unnoticed in his interventions, even worth comparing him with the far-right Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro. On the same model, Luis Fernando Camacho makes his faith and his religious discourse a way of legitimizing a resolutely authoritarian position.