The head of the Constitutional Council of Algeria, Kamal Fneich, rejected appeals filed by nine candidates who had previously submitted their files to the Independent National Electoral Authority, and their names were dropped because they did not meet the legal requirements.

According to the council, five of the 23 candidates who have already been registered for the presidential race on December 12 are candidates for the December 12 presidential election.

The council announced its "rejection of appeals" by nine candidates, and approved the list of candidates "accepted by the Independent National Electoral Authority," APS reported.

The 23 candidates submitted their files to compete in the presidential elections, but the authority overseeing the elections announced earlier this month that five candidates met the conditions.

The head of the Constitutional Council, Kamal Fneish, said in a televised statement on Saturday that the council kept Melfi nominated former prime ministers Ali bin Fleis and Abdel-Majid Taboun.

The list of candidates also includes: Ezzedine Mihoubi, a former minister under Bouteflika; The ruling National Liberation Front (FNL) before defecting it to establish the Future Front party, which is close to power.

It should be noted that after the publication of the final list in the Official Gazette, it is forbidden for candidates to withdraw from the presidential race.