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Facade of a Parisian university restaurant, March 3, 2010 (Photo d'illustration). Loic VENANCE / AFP

A 22-year-old student was seriously burned in Lyon on Friday, 8 November, after setting himself on fire in the middle of the street, in front of a branch of Crous, the management organization for residences and university restaurants.

The drama occurred shortly before 3 pm on Friday, November 8, in the 7th arrondissement in front of a university restaurant, the police said. The girlfriend of the victim, a student from Lyon 2, alerted the emergency services who had arrived at the scene early. An investigation was opened, according to the same sources.

The regional newspaper Le Progrès has published a letter that was published on the Facebook social network by the young man. " Today, I am going to commit the irreparable, so if I target the Crous building in Lyon, it is not by chance, I aim a political place, the Ministry of Higher Education and research and by extension , the government, "he said, before calling in this long message to" fight against the rise of fascism, which only divide us , "and point to the" liberalism that creates inequalities . "

"Burned 90%"

The Southern Trade Union Center shared the young man's letter on his Facebook page, adding this explanation about what she sees as an " act of struggle ": " In great financial precariousness, deprived of stock market, desperate, it's is immolated by the fire in front of the Crous de Lyon building. We do not have enough words to express our pain and sadness. The missive went around the networks.

" Burned at 90% ", the student was first treated on site before being transported to the burn center at the hospital Edouard Herriot, said for their part the firefighters.