The world is full of highly successful women in the fashion technology industry. Technology today exists in all aspects of our lives, including fashion.

In her report published by the American engineering website Intersting Engineering, writer Norsh Ergo In Berezovska documented a list of nine creators who combined technology with fashion design.

1. Joanna Berezovska: clothes that enhance concentration
Director and founder of the research division of XS Laboratories, which develops innovative methods in the field of electronic textiles and garments.

She believes that "clothes made on the basis of biometrics will allow us to strengthen our focus when we are tired, stressed and excited, and allow us to reach new levels of self-awareness and understanding. Real. "

Berezovska expects a real fashion revolution in interactive textiles that develops consumer products (websites)

2 - Kate Hartman .. wearable electronics
She has many titles including artist, technology expert and educator. Much of her work focuses on the areas of physical computing, wearable electronics and conceptual art.

I co-invented the Botanicals system, which allows plants that require water to seek help from humans by phone and an adjustable radio transmitter and receiver that allows you to communicate through your clothes you wear.

3 - Christie Kosk .. promoting the sustainability of fashion
The researcher and fashion designer focused on providing smart and sustainable textile services.

The designer is looking for new ways to enhance the sustainability of textiles and fashion by employing technology.

She recently worked with a group of scientists on a project that examines the possibilities of changing people's self-understanding through clothing.

COSCO is looking for new ways to enhance the sustainability of textiles and fashion by employing technology (websites)

4 - Francesca Rossella .. Fashion interactive capabilities wonderful
One of the founders of the world's first fashion technology brand, Cute Circuit, which combines fashion design with advanced technologies and smart fabrics that aim to create a new fashion style with superb interactive capabilities.

In 2010, Katy Perry wore a beautiful Rosella dress with LED lights in Mitt Gala.

In 2012, Nicole Scherzinger wore the world's first electronic dress on the red carpet during the launch of the EE network in London.

5 - Maggie Orth .. Electronic textiles and interactive art
She is an artist, writer and innovator of electronic textiles and interactive art. Her work deals with textiles that change color through computer-controlled remote control, interactive textile sensors and automated public art. Moreover, it has worked with many companies to develop wearable technology products.

6 - Despina Papadopoulos .. Development of wearable devices
Known as a designer, researcher and school. She worked on developing wearable devices and experimenting with electronic textiles.

She founded Principle Design, a New York City-based design and development studio that studies wearable technology and electronic textiles.

Maxi is interested in creative technology and the establishment of flexible and strong circuits in relation to electronic textiles (networking sites)

7 - Madison Maxi .. Electronic textile models
The Lumia Foundation, Madison Maxi, is interested in creative technology, focusing on building flexible and robust circuits in electronic textiles.

It has developed prototypes for electronic textiles for companies such as North Face, Google and Adidas.

8 - Yuchin Chang .. Clothing depicting the change in global temperature
A technology expert specializing in brand management and interactive digital product design.

The designer has launched the Reveston project, which specializes in data-generating clothing and visualizes the dramatic global temperature change over the past 40 years.

9 - Lara Grant .. Musical shoes make a sound
She worked on developing prototypes as well as being a researcher and educator. In fact, her work focuses on wearable electronics and how sustainability concepts can be applied to technology-based fashion and combine them.

She created musical shoes that sound according to the movement of shoes as well as many other projects through which she combined fashion and technology.