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The debate of last night's policies in La Sexta moved far away from what his fellow men starred last Tuesday. The tone was much less bronco and the forms more moderate. María Jesús Montero (PSOE), Ana Pastor (PP), Inés Arrimadas (Citizens), Irene Montero (United We Can) and Rocío Monasterio (Vox) did not go down to the mud and let many confrontation opportunities pass. Even so, there were tense moments and memorable scenes , such as when the former 'popular' minister took part in the debate about 'no es no' in sexual crimes by ensuring that "any person of good thinks that, if there is no consent, there is violation ".

Arrimadas: "How about paying prostitutes with public money?"

Arrimadas: "How about paying prostitutes with public money?"

Before, Inés Arrimadas had tried to corner María Jesús Montero several times with the Faffe case - "What do you think of as a socialist, woman and Andalusian who has been paid to prostitutes with public money in Andalusia ?" -. But the acting finance minister slipped away. There was also silence when Rocío Monasterio asked his debate partners to join her proposal to impose life imprisonment for rapists and murderers. Only Irene Montero responded to assert that "machismo is fought with education and culture, not with life imprisonment . " "Do you want repeat rapists to be on our streets?" The Vox representative insisted.

But the most commented moment of the night was when the former president of Congress said that the position of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo is also that "when there is no consent there is sexual assault and there is rape." "Álvarez de Toledo says the same thing I say," he defended. He wanted to justify his party partner by stating that "people do not say things in identical words" , but that both she and "the PP and all good people think that when a woman does not consent, it is rape." María Jesús Montero reminded him that "that was not what Cayetana said" .

María Jesús Montero: "Inés, you have lived everywhere"

María Jesús Montero: "Inés, you have lived everywhere"

The socialist minister Montero and Arrimadas faced each other when the first accused the second of making electoralism with her birthplace. "Ines, you sometimes live in Andalusia and sometimes you live in Catalonia . It depends on what you want to move, you have lived in all parts of the world," he said slyly. "I was born in Jerez , I have lived 25 years in Andalusia and my parents are from a small town in Salamanca . You have tried to ridicule me, you have tried to ridicule people who have gone to other autonomous communities. You do not know that there are many Andalusians who are they have gone to other parts of Spain, "the Citizen candidate responded angrily.

Monastery: "People are robbed to go to the Falcon"

Monastery of María Jesús Montero: "People are robbed to go to Falcon"

María Jesús Montero urged Monasterio to "apologize for his xenophobic behavior when trying to stir people" at the door of a center for foreign minors not accompanied by Seville . The Vox leader replied that the socialists "must apologize" for the use of Falcon by President Pedro Sánchez to go to a concert: "You do not tour the neighborhoods, you have lost contact with people. When we were in Seville or in Hortaleza, we listened to the neighbors and they told us that they were fed up with insecurity and that you were robbed every day to go to the Falcon . You should also apologize for directing the editorials of the progressive media against us. "

Pastor: "There are many people who have never managed anything"

Pastor: "There are many people who have never managed anything"

Tension rose when the debate went into the operation of the regional model . The moderator Ana Pastor asked if we have to recover regional skills. Citizens and Vox answered yes and listed the type of skills they would like to recentralize. "There are many people who have never managed anything because they have no idea," lamented the PP candidate. "Nor have they stolen from corruption," Arrimadas jumped. The former minister told him that she cannot give him lessons because "she has not been in public life for 30 years" like her and defended that the State of Autonomies "is the best thing that could have happened to the Spaniards because it is to approach management to the citizens". Then Monasterio entered the dispute and accused Pastor of "confusing administrative decentralization with the legislative one" and compared "the 17 different markets" that are the autonomous communities with what happens in other countries. "I defend the single European market," he said. "You do not defend Europe," Pastor intervened, "you want to kill flies with gunshots. You have to have a little idea of ​​management, a little, I don't tell you much, know the Constitution." Minister Montero winked at her - "Ana, you can't have agreements with people who want to eliminate the powers" - but she rejected it: "Nor with Bildu either . "

Irene Montero: "I have no sympathy for Torra"

Irene Montero: "I have no sympathy with Mr. Torra"

Monasterio boasted of adding PP and Cs in the Madrid Assembly in the approval of text on the banning of separatist parties but Pastor and Arrimadas avoided ruling. Arrimadas urged Montero not to agree with secessionist political formations and she urged him to clarify if he is in favor of legalization. Arrimadas responded that parties that support violent acts or justify them "should not have a public euro." "Is root cutting illegalize?" Montero insisted. "It means not agreeing with them," Arrimadas replied, shaking the PSOE with its agreements with the independentists.

Ana Pastor, meanwhile, censured Pedro Sánchez - "It would be good if he knew the separation of powers," he said, in relation to his words on the Prosecutor's Office - and recalled that there is a Law on Parties that allows the Supreme Court to act when a party attentive against the democratic regime. "It was with you when Puigdemont escaped and when an irregular referendum was held. Why didn't you then apply the national security law?" Montero reproached him.

And then entered the 'number two' of United We can, censoring that you want to "outlaw people who vote differently . " "Illegalize the Supreme Court, you have to know things," Pastor reprimanded him. "Diversity exists in Spain, people have different identities," Irene Montero argued. "But within the law, Irene", within the Constitution. "I have no sympathy for Torra," acknowledged the candidate of the 'purple' training, "but we must recognize that there are people in Spain who think differently and reach a point in common."

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