Red Cross International Committee executives seeking support for Japan in Syria following the civil war 15:31 on November 8

ICRC = Red Cross International Commission officials who support humanitarian assistance in conflict areas said that in Syria, where civil war continued, the humanitarian crisis was prolonged and 200,000 people were driven home by Turkey's invasion of northern Syria last month. , Expressed his desire to further support the Japanese government.

ICRC = Director of Dominique Stilhardt, who organizes humanitarian projects at the International Committee of the Red Cross, interviewed NHK in Tokyo on the 8th.

Among them, Styrhardt's Director General of Syria said that the ICRC has put the most effort into the disaster: “The tragic situation has continued for a long time. Especially since Turkey invaded the north last month, more than 200,000 people have I was chased, "explained the situation.

And as for the situation where people are placed, “The place where water is supplied is concentrated near the border between Syria and Turkey, so it cannot be approached, and securing drinking water is an issue. “We need a shelter to overcome the cold severely,” he said.

On top of that, Mr. Stilhardt revealed that the funds necessary for activities in Syria are currently in excess of 4.2 billion yen in Japanese yen, saying, “In order to continue humanitarian assistance in Syria, full financial support ”Is necessary,” he expressed his desire to further support the Japanese government.

Regarding support to Syria, the Japanese government has supported $ 2.7 billion, or approximately 295 billion yen, through international organizations since 2012.