The march against Islamophobia, which takes place on Sunday, is accused of being close to political Islam. For the MEP LREM Aurélien Taché, invited Friday evening of Europe 1, the political debate on the subject "is not up to the stakes".


The march against Islamophobia, which takes place on Sunday, causes a stir. This initiative is accused of being close to political Islam, and even divides the ranks of the left (the PS opposes it, while France insubstantial supports it). For LREM MP Aurélien Taché, "the political debate on these issues is not up to the challenges." The elected, from the left wing of the majority party, has targeted the left, he accuses of not being able to fight against Islamophobia when she was in power. "The left has long been one of those who are able to fight against racism, it has not succeeded.The initiatives taken in the 1980s and 1990s, like SOS Racism, have not been up to ", said Aurélien Taché.

"Many young people from lower-income neighborhoods have turned to Dieudonné for example"

"I saw a lot of young people from lower-class neighborhoods who wanted to be defended by the left, turned to Dieudonné for example, who are far from anti-racist values, but at one point, these young people said: 'you left, what did you do to defend us? ' However, must we give in to antiracism that becomes community I do not believe, "said Aurélien Taché. "I was much more convinced by the thought of Emmanuel Macron, telling young people not to wait for racism to disappear in France, but that they had to mount their projects, their businesses, and that he would accompany them. ", concluded the MP.