- Everyone can see the machine man, what is inside us, how fascinated it is, says the show organizer Hubert Huppertz from Germany.

He says the exhibit can benefit, some who have seen a smoker's lung have stopped smoking. A smoker's lung may not be a pleasant experience, but the first visitors to the Real Human Bodies exhibition, who are touring Sweden right now, seemed to think that the exhibition with dead dissected and preserved bodies was an exciting experience.

- It is a bizarre experience to be here but it is very, very interesting precisely because death can be taboo for many and this feels so important to see, how real we people are and what we look like. It was cool to see it, said the visitor Camila Guerra.

See no ethical problem

Hubert Huppertz sees no ethical problem with the exhibition and says the bodies come from a donation program in the US.

- People sign up for the anatomy research and teaching donation program, so what we've done here is like an anatomy lesson. I think it's okay, says Hubert Huppertz.

Huppertz intends to continue with the exhibition at various locations in Sweden some time next year. He has been borrowing the bodies for five years and then returning them to the medical institute in the United States.