Ottosson believes that drug abuse is a national problem.

- We know that we have problems with drugs in Vilhelmina, just like all other municipalities. I don't think we stand out, although of course it is sad that we were hit by two deaths in such a short time, says the commander.

According to Ottosson, the municipality works both short-term and long-term and cooperates with the Region Västerbotten and the Police Authority to overcome the problem.

- The goal is to change the attitude towards drugs and drug use and the key to success is to get young people to finish school. We know that it is an important part of avoiding exclusion and getting a free ticket to high school. And if you have a high school education, the danger is much less.

Regarding collaboration with other authorities, Ottosson believes that the municipality is doing much already today.

- Together with the police, we have signed a citizen's pledge to work hard against this problem and I think it is fun that we have a good cooperation between the authorities.