“What I saw is an impressive weapon. We have no intention to buy (S-400. - RT systems), since we don’t have the money to pay for them, given the construction of highways and numerous projects, ”said the Serbian leader.

At the same time, he expressed the opinion that in the presence of such weapons, one can not fear aggression from other countries.

“You know, when you have such a weapon, nobody will attack you anymore. Neither American pilots nor any others fly where the S-400 is: Israeli pilots do not fly over Turkey or Syria except the Golan Heights, ”said Vučić.

At the same time, he said that Serbia will not become a “Bambi fawn”, incapable of protecting itself.

“Serbia is a small country surrounded on all sides by NATO. You could see from the reaction to the S-400 what we wanted. We intend to build relations with everyone, but we will not be a Bambi fawn, which anyone can swallow when it comes to his mind, ”the Serbian president said.

Vucic admitted earlier that Serbia would like to have the S-400 in service.