US-Japan Council, an exchange group for Japanese Americans, strengthening the relationship between the two countries on November 5 at 11:34

A general meeting of the US-Japan Council, an exchange group centered on Japanese Americans, was held in Los Angeles, and participants exchanged opinions on how to strengthen ties with Japan.

The US-Japan Council was established in Los Angeles to deepen the ties between Japanese Americans and strengthen the relationship between Japan and the United States. About 600 people, including representatives from the business community, participated, including former Ruth Ambassador to Japan.

Among them, Irene Hirano Inoue, chairman of the US-Japan Council, said, “It is necessary to establish a solid relationship between the United States and Japan. “Continuing the efforts will lead to the development of leaders who will be responsible for future Japan-US relations.”

Subcommittees were then held for each theme, and at a meeting to think about the identity of Nikkei people, it was important to talk about Japanese culture using social media and to learn about the history of Nikkei people. The opinion that "is."

As the United States and China are confronting each other over trade and security issues, this group will make more efforts to create a network between the two countries.