Persian Gulf Unveiled military exercises hosted by the U.S. Army November 6, 5:38

As the situation over Iran tightened, military exercises hosted by the US military were released in the Persian Gulf in the Middle East. Approximately 50 countries, including Japan, participate in the exercises, and the United States has a goal of ensuring safety in this region in cooperation with other countries as the formation of a voluntary alliance with Iran in mind is difficult. It seems that.

The IMX / International Maritime Exercise is organized by the US military and regularly held in the Persian Gulf, and this time around 50 countries including Japan and Saudi Arabia participated from the end of last month, aiming to ensure freedom of navigation for tankers, etc. Exercises were held and released on some media such as NHK on the 5th.

In addition to the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, the US Navy and French minesweeping units will board the British Navy landing ship deployed off Bahrain, and the procedures for finding and processing mines using the latest equipment used in minesweeping operations by each country We confirmed and shared the know-how cultivated by each.

The MSDF member who participated said, “In the exercise, we will check the flow of finding and disposing of mines. I think that it will lead to securing freedom of navigation by gathering troops from each country and conducting exercises in this area.” I was talking.

The United States has seen Iran's involvement behind tanker attacks around the Holmes Strait, and aims to form a voluntary coalition to protect ships, but only six countries have announced their participation. Therefore, through this exercise, there seems to be an aim to show the attitude of ensuring safety in this region in cooperation with each country.

What is International Maritime Exercise

The US military has been conducting IMX and international maritime exercises in Persian Gulf facing Bahrain, where the 5th Fleet Command has jurisdiction over the Middle East.

The exercise aims to deepen cooperation with allies and friendly countries in the United States and ensure freedom of navigation in the international maritime traffic routes such as Persian Gulf, off Yemen and Suez Canal.

This is the 6th time, with more than 40 ships from over 50 countries including Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain participating. The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, which participates from the first time, includes two minesweepers and minesweepers and 180 members. Minesweeping drills are conducted to improve the ability to detect and dispose of mines with the participation of people.

What is an American-led volunteer association?

The United States has called on the participation of other countries, including Japan, in order to secure the safety of ships that pass through the Holmes Strait in the Middle East, etc., in order to secure the safety of ships that pass through the Holmes Strait in the Middle East.

The unit's headquarters will be located in Bahrain, where the US Navy's Fifth Fleet headquarters is responsible for the Middle East region.

So far, only six countries have announced their participation in the US call: the UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE = United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Albania.

Among them, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain are in conflict, such as fighting against Iran-supported rebels in Yemen's civil war in which they intervene.

The US government wants to increase pressure on Iran through the formation of a voluntary alliance as tensions with Iran grow, but there are many countries that are cautious about participating in relation to Iran, including Japan, and they have formed. No.