Russian Denis Lisov, whose extradition was demanded by Sweden for the abduction of his own children from a foster family, returned with his three daughters to Russia. In Moscow, Lisov met with the Commissioner for Children's Rights under the President of the Russian Federation, Anna Kuznetsova, and journalists. The Ombudsman assured the man that in Khabarovsk, where the family lived before, he will be provided with the necessary assistance.

“If not for Denis himself, then all this assistance, which was provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by public organizations, would be useless. Because everyone who met him on his way — both border guards and Polish police officers — saw that Dad was caring, ready to fight for his family, so everyone wanted to help him, ”Kuznetsova said during the meeting.

Family will be helped

As RT reported, Lisov returned with his children to his homeland on Sunday, November 3. His arrival was kept secret until the last. On the way from Poland, where Lisov was detained at the request of Swedish law enforcement, the family of Lisovs was accompanied by lawyers Babken Khanzadyan and Bartosz Lewandowski.

  • Russian detained in Poland for abducting his children, returned to his homeland

After seven and a half years spent in Europe, the Lisovs will once again settle in Russia. Airplane tickets from Moscow to Khabarovsk for the Lisovs have already been bought by regional authorities. In addition, as the children's ombudsman said, in Khabarovsk, Lisova will be helped to place the younger daughters Alisa and Seraphim in kindergarten, and the eldest in school. 13-year-old Sofia will go to 7th grade.

“There will be no problems with work - I knew it right away when I was driving home,” Lisov said in an interview with RT. - I am a railwayman, and if I decide to return to this area, then I will definitely have work. I have already contacted my old employer. ”

Lisov admits that raising three girls is not difficult for him and he does not have conflicts with children.

“I'm glad to be back in Russia”

Between meetings with the Commissioner for Children's Rights and representatives of the Union of Fathers of Russia, Lisov managed to bring his daughters to Red Square.

“Before leaving for Khabarovsk I want to take a longer walk in Moscow, because we are unlikely to come here soon, but I really like the city,” Sofia Lisova told RT. - Of course, I will miss Europe, my friends who stayed there, but I am glad to return to Russia. A new life begins, we will soon meet with relatives. I’m a little worried about this. ”

Sofia also noted that she still has problems with digestion - due to stress, the girl lost 15 kilograms.

The youngest daughters of Denis, four-year-old Alice and six-year-old Seraphim, almost do not speak Russian yet - only recently Sofia began to teach them the language.

In an interview with RT, lawyer Babken Khanzadyan said that Denis is still on the international wanted list, and if he is detained in Europe, he faces four years in prison for abducting his own children. Moreover, as Babken emphasized, Lisov was not deprived of parental rights in Sweden.

“I accidentally found out about Denis,” recalls Khanzadyan. - In April of this year, one of the Polish border guards wrote to me and asked me to help Lisov. Then I was not sure that he and the girls would be able to return home. ”

According to RT, Lisov emigrated with his wife and little Sofia to Sweden in 2012. Then the family wanted to provide a higher standard of living for themselves and their children. Seraphim and Alice were born in Europe.

In 2014, Lisov's wife became seriously ill and was hospitalized. The head of the family was forced to cope with all parental responsibilities himself. In 2017, employees of the guardianship authorities came to the Lisovs' house and took the children, deciding that the father could not cope alone with raising children. Soon, the girls were sent to a Muslim family of Lebanese descent.

“I could spend with them only three hours once every two weeks. Then time was increased at my request. Of course, the family provided them with everything: food, clothes. However, emotionally they felt very bad. I tried to do everything to get them out of there by legal means, ”recalls Lisov.

The guardianship put the man three impossible conditions, he said. To return the children, Lisov had to perform at least one. The first is to obtain Swedish citizenship, although the authorities refused to issue a residence permit to the family. The second is to find an official job, and the third is to divorce your wife and deprive her of parental rights.

“That would take several years. Daughters during this time would have weaned from me, they forgot dad. In the end, I decided to steal them in one of the meetings and take them home to Russia. Together with the children, I took a ferry to Poland and from there I planned to fly to Moscow. But they detained me at the airport - at that time the girls were already put on the international wanted list, ”says Denis RT.

Sweden asked to extradite Lisov on charges of abduction, and the foster family had already flown to Poland to pick up the children. However, the Polish court ruled that it is impossible to separate the children and the father, since they are very attached to each other. After obtaining a residence permit in Poland, the Lisovs were able to fly home.