The history of exorcism is filled with stories of terror and fear that dominate human beings because of its connection with the saying that these spirits are capable of capturing them, and these stories are not without traumas and exciting events; Reader's Digestive has reviewed a number of these stories:

George Lockins
It was noticed in 1778 that English tailor George Lockins behaved strangely, making strange and inhumane voices, ordering seven priests - during a ceremony at the Temple Church in Bristol - the demons who apparently took possession of Lockins' spirit to leave for good.

This story is said to be one of the few exorcism stories that ended in happiness.

Gottlieben Detos
German villagers in 1842 noticed that strange events were taking place in the house of a 28-year-old woman named Gottlieben Dittus, who claimed that her house was haunted, and soon began to faint and became involved in what some described as a coma.

When a priest tried to exorcise these evil spirits, things evolved and Detos became so violent that they restrained him.In two years, the priest applied various ritual exorcisms, while Detos continued to vomit glass, nails and blood before eventually declaring that she had healed. The demons disappeared.

Clara Sealy's story says she communicates with demons and has gained super power (Getty Images)

Clara German Sealy
This story tells that Clara Sealy, 16, from South Africa communicates with demons, and soon began to act nervously and recklessly, gaining a supernatural power that transcends man's natural abilities.

In 1906 and 1907 Kahnan carried out exorcism on Clara, but her skin was burned as soon as the water touched her, and her body began to rise in the air.

Anna Eklund
Anna Eklund was not the real name of the heroine of this story, but was named after the heroine of a film about the devil and evil spirits.

The real girl was born in 1882, and her name remained unknown, and at the age of 14 her father claimed to be touched by the devil, after she repelled his attempts to sexual harassment.

After many years, during which she underwent two lengthy exorcisms punctuated by many terrifying details, a woman named Mina managed to free Anna from demons using black magic.

Roland Do
The writer touched on the story of 13-year-old Ronald, who was mourning after losing a family member when he began to see and hear strange things.

The devil-dominated Roland case worsened. His behavior was marked by violent violence. His parents moved him to St. Louis in 1949 to drive out evil spirits. The operation lasted weeks.

According to the exorcist used by the boy's family, he managed to get rid of evil spirits and return to normal.

Michael Taylor killed his wife during a seizure (Getty Images)

Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor, a husband and father of five, has started to experience depressive episodes of decline after meeting 21-year-old nunny Mary Robinson, who the patient saw as having succeeded in driving out his devils.

Taylor was subjected to epileptic seizures, spitting and screaming in incomprehensible language, and his wife was brutally murdered, yet he was not convicted on the grounds that the ritual of exorcism made him mad.

Terence Cottrell
In 2003, an eight-year-old autistic boy named Terence Cottrell was killed during a prayer intended to exorcise the evil spirits presumably causing his condition.

Asphyxia caused by external chest pressure was found to be the official cause of Cottrell's death.

Marica Irina Corniche
The writer showed that Roman nun Marcia Irina Corniche was 23 when she began to hear the sounds, thinking that the devil was talking to her.

Although she was treated for schizophrenia, she relapsed, and later underwent exorcism, and died of suffocation and dehydration after being gagged without water and food for three days.

Christy Bamo
In 2010, Christie Bamu was beaten and drowned in a bathtub in London by his sister and friend in an attempt to remove evil spirits from his body after torturing him with knives, sticks, metal bars and a hammer.