A total of 26 people have contacted Plus about one and the same company in our ongoing review of legal services.

The company is called Rive Legal Agency and specializes in labor law. The agency, with offices in Borlänge, offers its services throughout Sweden.

Got fired - hired the agency

One of the agency's many dissatisfied customers is Sefit Ramadanoski from Helsingborg. In February, he hired the agency after being laid off from his job, hoping to receive financial compensation from his old employer.

On the phone, Sefit was told that his chances were good and that the law firm's work would take a maximum of 16 hours and cost SEK 2 250 per hour.

- The price they informed me about was the fee. I felt that they would only pay for the hours because they didn't say anything else, says Sefit.

Met at the airport

Sefit and the agency agreed that he would meet a lawyer and the agency soon sent an e-mail that he would appear at Ängelholm airport.

A few days after the meeting, Sefit received a bill of SEK 25 450. The bill only concerned the lawyer's travel expenses for the meeting.

- They never told them that they would travel with private plan. Had I known that, I would never have hired them, says Sefit, who today regrets that he paid the invoice.

Many dissatisfied - now the company is sued

Sefit is not alone. Several of the Plus editorial tips are about similar events, and the Swedish Consumer Agency has also received notifications.

When the Consumer Ombudsman (KO) later examined the reports, the authority found the law firm's price information so misleading that they chose to sue the company.

Is it enough to refer to the terms?

Rive Legal Agency regrets that Sefit did not understand their pricing, but believes that they have been clear both orally and in writing.

The written information has consisted of a link in an e-mail to the general terms and conditions of the agency, where, among other things, they write that travel costs are incurred and that they may travel by private plan.

However, both Sefit's municipal consumer adviser and KO, who have reviewed his case, believe that the company has acted far too clearly, partly by not noticing Sefit that there was supplementary price information in the terms.

Does not insert additional invoice

During the autumn, the agency updated its terms with clarifications, and also states that they now communicate more clearly with their customers. But even so, they do not want to repay any money to the customers who hired them before the changes.

However, the agency states that they will not collect the second invoice they sent to Sefit. That invoice concerned the work that the agency claims to have begun in his case, and was at SEK 37,575.

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