AFP reports that the migrants were found in a refrigerated truck.

As recently as last month, an incident occurred that highlighted the dangerous paths that desperate migrants often choose to take. Then 39 dead people were found in a truck container east of London.

The victims were, according to British police, Vietnamese. The temperature in refrigerated truck containers can be minus 25 degrees and the police suspect that the migrants froze to death.

Hard to detect

The container where the 39 dead people were found arrived in Essex, England, via the port of Belgian Zeebrygge. According to Dirk de Fauw, chairman of the port, it is difficult to detect people in chilled cargo spaces, this being when they are not detected on thermal cameras.

"Everything is so cold in there so there are no differences and you can't find anything in them," he told SVT News.

Several similar events recently

It is not only in the UK and Greece that migrants are found in chilled cargo spaces. Two days ago, 31 migrants were discovered in a truck in Nice, southern France. According to Deutsche Welle, the truck should have come from Pakistan. And at the end of October, 12 migrants were discovered in a truck in Belgium.

In 2018, 92 fatalities were recorded among migrants on land in Europe, according to The Guardian.