The Arab Coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen launched raids on sites and gatherings of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, which led to the destruction of military vehicles and reinforcements of militias in Saada and Hajja, while Houthi militias blew up one of the largest strategic bridges on the road between Aden and the Yemeni capital Sana'a. Maris area in Al-Dhala governorate, while continuing its attempts to infiltrate the liberated Al-Fakhir area, and continued its violations of the ceasefire in Hodeidah.

In detail, Houthi militias blew up one of the largest strategic bridges on the road between Aden and the Yemeni capital, which is controlled by the militias, for fear of joint Yemeni forces advancing towards new areas in the north of the province, while clashes between the two sides continued in several areas in Dhali.

Local sources confirmed that the Houthi militias bombed the Great Bridge in the Zileh Yais area north of Maris, noting that the amount of explosives used by the militias in the bombing of the bridge shook the entire region.

The Yemeni joint forces managed to shoot down a Houthi march that flew over a camp of the joint forces in Maris, north of al-Dhali, bringing the number of Houthi planes shot down in al-Dhali within one month to eight aircraft of various sizes and missions.

Lieutenant Colonel Nasr Ja'awal, commander of Sector Five, a security belt in Maris, said that the downed drone was filming the positions of the troops stationed in the Maris front, but the vigilance of the forces in the front made it able to shoot down the plane as soon as it flew over the air. Region.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni joint forces thwarted a new infiltration attempt by the militias, at dawn yesterday, towards Al-Fakhir area northwest of Al-Dhale'e. Houthi elements suffered great losses in materiel and lives. , Gul Omar, Alkhabt, and the house of the carpenter, and Algthaimh », in addition to some families from the villages« Mujer, and the house Almazob ».

In al-Hudaydah, on the west coast of Yemen, Houthi militias escalated breaches of the truce and ceasefire in all areas, and launched an intensive and sustained assault on the Hays district, focusing heavily on the northern areas of the district, using medium machine guns.

Militias continued to shell and target joint forces positions in the north and east of Tahita district, south of Hodeidah. They targeted various types of weapons, including RBG shells, Pika, Dushka and sniper weapons, and hit residential neighborhoods in the district, wounding a child with snipers in the chest. his house.

According to military sources in the joint forces, the militias pushed new reinforcements to the outskirts of the Directorate, from positions based in al-Jarahi, al-Udain junction and areas of northern Taiz, and explained that the crowds that were brought in carried out attacks and infiltration attempts over the past two days towards Hays and Tahita.

For their part, called the brigades of the "guards of the Republic" the United Nations to continue to pressure heavily on the Houthi militias, to open humanitarian crossings in the city of Hodeidah and abide by the agreements concluded in this regard under the auspices of the United Nations, in addition to the need to abide by the militias to the decision of the ceasefire, and respect the role of special committees It monitors its implementation, which was recently deployed in five regions.

In Saada, Arab coalition fighter jets continued their raids concentrated on the positions and gatherings of Houthi militias, and yesterday managed to destroy the mechanisms and military reinforcements of the militias, and targeted Houthi positions in the area of ​​Bani Ma'in in the Directorate of Razih border with Saudi Arabia, and bombarded Houthi sites in the Directorate of alarm, and bombed sites The Yemeni army and the coalition continued to target the militia positions in the district with direct casualties among the Houthis.

In Hajjah, coalition fighter jets launched a series of raids on Houthi positions in the Haradh district, leaving dead and wounded and destroying Houthi military vehicles.According to military sources in the Yemeni army, more than 150 raids by coalition fighter jets on militia positions in Hajjah and Saada over the past two days.

• Downing 8 Houthi drones in al-Dhali within a month.

• Houthis carry out a forced displacement of residents of Beit al-Shali areas.