GIF Sundsvall chairman Hans Selling followed the match against AIK on site yesterday and notes that it was an extra heavy loss.

- It was heavy yesterday because I thought they played really well. It was so close that you could make it and if they had played so the last four matches, then we would have been in allsvenskan.

Tough trip

When he, as chairman of GIF Sundsvall, now looks ahead, he is aware that it will be difficult.

- We have a damn tough trip to do as we end up in the Superettan, so we get about 12 million less in revenue, says Selling, who says that you now have to review the team's organization and all the costs and opportunities for revenue.

- Elite football is about finance and business, says Selling.

Want Gustavsson

The first thing that will happen is that you should hire a coach and there is Tony Gustavsson, who has led the team this fall, alternative one.

- It is our highest dream but we are not alone in deciding, it is he who has to make that decision.

"No quick fix"

Hans Selling has a bold message to those who hope for a quick advance to the Allsvenskan again.

- This is not a quick fix, we have to restart from the beginning, there is nothing that can quickly come back to all Swedes. We have to build up a good team in the super league and it is not so that we will be in the Swedes in a year, it will surely take a few or a few years, he explains.