03 November 2019The bad weather that is raging in Italy at this time, does not spare even the regions of Central and South. The situation in Campania is particularly difficult: evacuations in the Salerno area, stop at the connections with the islands. Numerous floods in Tuscany.

100 families evacuated in the Salerno area
The Municipality of Nocera Inferiore, in the province of Salerno, has precautionary measures for the evacuation of about one hundred families living in the foothills. The order, signed by the mayor Manlio Torquato, came after the communication of the regional operations room that signaled the risk of possible floods and mudslides following the wave of bad weather that struck from this night on the Salerno provincial territory . Always in the municipality of the agro nocerino sarnese was obliged to keep away from water courses and not to stop the car near underpasses and water courses.

Furthermore, due to flooding, the closure of the city cemetery was decreed. The same decision was also taken in Sarno where the prohibition of transit in public parks and tree-lined areas was also ordered. In Siano, on the other hand, the usual Sunday market was canceled. Flooding and landslides have also affected the Irno Valley with firefighters engaged in various interventions especially in Mercato San Severino and Castel San Giorgio. A small landslide also occurred on the Amalfi Coast on the provincial road
linking Ravello with Tramonti. In Salerno, on the other hand, some trees have fallen on the Trieste waterfront but there are no alarming problems.

Blocked connections with Sorrento. Latest departures from Capri
Starting from Capri, the Faun ferry from Caremar: scheduled for 10.40, it set sail late to allow the crew to take on the maximum number of passengers allowed near the weather alert. Expected to worsen the marine weather conditions that already hold the hydrofoils from Naples and Sorrento, which is why Capri could remain completely isolated in the next few hours. Already blocked connections with Sorrento. The weather conditions for tomorrow are expected to worsen and therefore Capri is preparing to experience an advance of the winter season with the rain and the wind that already lash the island.

Flooding in Tuscany. Dozens of fire brigade operations
Dozens of interventions by the fire brigade in Tuscany, in particular in Pisano, due to bad weather and the heavy rains of the past night that for a few hours struck the province. No particular damage but there were about sixty requests for assistance, mainly due to flooding and some landslides in various areas of the province of Pisa and in the area of ​​Empoli. No person is involved.

The main critical issues, already resolved, concerned Montopoli Valdarno, San Miniato, Calcinaia and Pontedera. However, the situation has already returned to normal. In Empoli, firefighters have been busy all night for three interventions of emptying basements and cellars. In Fucecchio the Municipality has taken steps to activate civil protection teams to meet the requests for intervention.