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The alarm did not work when the bus driver was attacked


A bus driver on one of Skånetrafiken's buses was attacked by a passenger, but the alarm via the radio did not work properly. Now the Swedish Work Environment Authority demands that the incident be investigated.

It was in September that a passenger appeared threatening on one of the buses run by Nobina on behalf of Skånetrafiken.

The bus driver pressed the alarm button, but the signal never went to the control center. The same type of problem should have been repeated on several occasions.

- We take a serious look at the incident. The alarm system exists as a safety for the drivers and it should work, says David Erixon, communications manager at Nobina.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority requires answers

The event was taken up when the Swedish Work Environment Authority visited the company on October 21. Now the authority has launched an investigation and is demanding answers from Nobina on what to do about the problem.

- The first thing we did was take the bus out of traffic and investigate it. We did not find any fault with the radio equipment or alarm button. We do not yet know if the cause is radio shadow or something else. Next week, we will be testing out the system, ”says David Erixon.

Can the drivers alarm other than radio?

- It goes, but we do not want to rely on the drivers to alert with their own mobile phone, but to have an alarm system that is simple and accessible. Then the alarm button is central, says David Erixon.

Cause can be poor coverage

Skånetrafiken is responsible for the alarm system in the buses and has previously tested so that it works throughout the chain from bus to SOS alarm.

Following the incident in September, they will now meet with representatives of the bus company and ensure that the alarm works properly.

- Our system uses the usual mobile network. In other words, there is no special network for Skånetrafiken. We and SOS Alarm make the assessment that accessibility in our alarm system is good, but cannot completely rule out that there are places with poorer coverage, says Johan Karlborg, digitalisation and IT manager at Skånetrafiken.

Source: svt

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