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Queen Sofia turns 81 at a sweet time with Don Juan Carlos


In mid-October, at the Puerta de Hierro club in Madrid, King Juan Carlos organized a meeting with his field assistants, all high-ranking military officers, and unexpected

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Doña Sofía and Don Juan Carlos, together in the Sansenxo regattas, in July. GTRES

Meeting with the military, meals with friends, Nadal's wedding ... And together! They had never been seen to function as naturally as a couple

This was the 'secret' lunch of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía with other famous 'retirees'

Queen Sofia and King Juan Carlos, closer than ever after retirement

In mid-October, at the Puerta de Hierro club in Madrid, King Juan Carlos organized a meeting with his field assistants, all high-ranking military officers, and unexpectedly presented himself with Doña Sofía , who before rarely accompanied him on his appointments private and less with military.

But the turns have taken a turn in this marriage that everyone considered broken and a few months ago it has taken pleasure to be together. The proof is that coinciding with Franco's exhumation, on October 24, they were caught again having lunch with friends, including Victoria and Blanca Figueroa, Simeón and Margarita from Bulgaria, and designer Carolina Herrera at the Moncalvillo restaurant in Chueca. According to a character in his environment, "the Queen is like a teenager , she points to everything her husband proposes, if I said: Sofi, let's go climbing Everest, grabbing a backpack, and leaving." Approach that also takes place inside Zarzuela, whose staff contemplates stunned how they sometimes have lunch together in the dining room, or receive friends, the King in sneakers to be comfortable, offering an unprecedented homely image. According to this source, "like many elderly couples, weighs more now what unites them than what separates them after 57 years of marriage and 39 of reign. In addition, Don Juan Carlos has many health problems and always feared to die alone ."

Today Saturday, November 2, Doña Sofía turns 81 and although she will not throw the house out of the window like last year, with a large lunch in Zarzuela and a concert, she probably does not lack her husband's company. Unlike the past, when the Queen, to alleviate her loneliness, escaped to Greece with her brother Constantine, visited her cousin, the late King Miguel of Romania, or even blew the candles with some faithful collaborators, such as General Cabrera, his chief of secretary already retired.

Doña Sofía and Don Juan Carlos, together in the Sansenxo regattas, in July.

This 2019 has brought him the unexpected gift of a reconciliation , which they say began to take shape when Don Juan Carlos, on the eve of his 80th birthday, apologized for the humiliations received. Although the catalyst was the rifirrafe that starred with Doña Letizia in the cathedral of Palma in April 2018 when her daughter-in-law prevented her from photographing herself with her granddaughters, before the outrage of Don Juan Carlos, who was present. What began as a common front in the face of grievances, resulted in an approach that has become apparent this year, when they began to see exits and trips together, something unpublished during his reign. In April they escaped to Germany with the infants Elena and Cristina to watch a handball game of their grandson Pablo Urdangarin. In May they went to a Nadal tennis match together, and in July, the Father King took his racing wife to Sanxenxo. He also spent a few days in Marivent, which had not set foot in summer since he left the throne, and even took Doña Sofía to visit the Nadal tennis academy and have lunch with the tennis player and his family at the Sa Punta restaurant.

Something unimaginable when after the abdication, with Corinna's wound still bleeding, her tension was such that they could not even schedule events together. When this June 2 Don Juan Carlos said goodbye to the official life in a bullfight in Aranjuez, Doña Sofia, nothing bullfighting, was in Greece on the birthday of his brother Constantine . Its absence made think that, broken the institutional tie, the marriage was terminated, it was even published that the Queen would reside seasons in Greece. False, because there is no record that he has returned to his country, even in his traditional September getaway when he meets with his brothers Constantine and Irene and his cousin Tatiana Radziwill for the birthday of his sister-in-law Ana Maria. It is true that on August 24 Don Juan Carlos was operated to implant a triple aortocoronary bypass , but on the 31st he was discharged, so Doña Sofía left, but did not want to leave. Nor did she go to Romania on October 19 to transfer the remains of her aunt Elena, the Greek princess, to Romania, she preferred to accompany her husband to Rafa Nadal's wedding

And its existence has taken a turn. According to the aforementioned character "Doña Sofía coped with her marital problems based on her family , especially her brother Constantine, that is why she traveled so much to London, where she lived, and then to Greece. She also did not miss the celebrations of her royal relatives , served to alleviate his loneliness. But now it is different. " That is now summed up by the confession that Queen Sofia made in summer to a close friend and reproduced LOC. "I'm better than ever with Juanito."

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