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Scotland will ask London for an independence referendum after the elections


Scotland's chief minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said Friday that she will formally ask the British Government for the necessary powers to organize a second referendum

The main minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon , said Friday that he will formally ask the British Government for the necessary powers to organize a second independence referendum after the general elections on 12 December.

"If the Scots demonstrate the desire, as I think they will do in these elections, of an independence referendum, then I do not believe that Westminster's opposition, in principle or with respect to the calendar, is sustainable," Sturgeon said in an act Pre-election held in Edinburgh.

The Scottish nationalist leader also said that she believes that if it is the Labor Party that wins the elections, it will not oppose that its Executive can convene the consultation.

In this way, he said, he will send a letter "before Christmas" to the next prime minister to formally request the powers set forth in the so-called "Section 30", which would grant the Scottish Parliament the necessary powers to organize the referendum.

In his view, there is "a great appetite" for a second independence referendum to be held next year , after which it took place in 2014, in which 55% supported staying in the United Kingdom.

Sturgeon stressed that a good result of his formation, the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), will be interpreted as a support in favor of the plebiscite, so he urged voters to support him "to ensure that the voice of Scotland is heard."

The conservatives, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, have already assured that they will not give their authorization to a new referendum, while the Labor Party, first of the opposition, has not set a clear position, although it is also contrary to the independence of Scotland.

"Everyone knows there is going to be an independence referendum . Opposition parties may not accept this approach in public, but they know it and everyone knows it," he said.

While Sturgeon met last week with Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn , he clarified that they did not discuss the issue of independence, but only addressed the possible exit from the European Union (EU).

"The conversations I have had with Jeremy Corbyn in recent months have dealt globally with Brexit and tactics in the House of Commons," he said.

Since the victory of the 'yes' in 2016, the SNP has promised to hold a new referendum considering that Scotland voted mostly to stay in the EU and that an exit changes the scenario on which it was voted, against secession, Five years ago.

The polls predict that Sturgeon's party, which is currently the third out in the British Parliament with 35 deputies, will win in Scotland and could obtain even 50 of the 59 seats reserved for the constituencies of this region.

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