Houthi forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sari said that the Air Force shot down this morning a US-made "Eagle" spy plane with an "appropriate weapon" in the seam lines off the southern province of Asir.

The military spokesman for the Houthis in a Twitter account that the drone was carrying out espionage in the border areas with Saudi Arabia.

Brigadier-General Sareeh has not released any pictures or video footage of the downing of the spy plane. The Houthi group, which controls large areas of northern and western Yemen, has said in recent months that it had shot down two US-made drones.

The Associated Press said that the "Eagle population" spy plane launched by a catapult, and the value of the aircraft more than three million dollars, and can fly for more than 20 hours, according to the data of the US Air Force, and there is no information that the Saudi-Emirati coalition has this type of weapon.

The military spokesman for the Houthi forces said yesterday that the coalition countries led by Riyadh stepped up their attack on the frontlines by the incursion of ground forces backed by air cover with more than 57 raids on the provinces of Saada and Hajja.

a scouting plane
"The Yemeni air defenses shot down on Wednesday evening a fighter reconnaissance aircraft in the area of ​​Ras Isa in Hodeidah governorate with an appropriate weapon, after breaching Yemeni airspace and practicing hostile acts," he said.

In a related context, the military spokesman Houthi in his account on Twitter that the press conference to be held on Thursday will address what he called "the losses of mercenaries from the Sudanese army on various fronts since the start of the Sudanese participation in brute aggression," referring to the participation of Sudanese forces within the coalition forces in the year 2015 after the Houthis took over state institutions in Sana'a and large areas of the country.

According to the same spokesman, the press conference will reveal detailed information on the size of the Sudanese forces involved, their locations and the tasks assigned to them by the Saudi-UAE coalition.