“The problem of poaching needs to be addressed, and I’m sure that this will be done through joint efforts with Korean colleagues. The other day I talked on this topic with the Deputy Minister of Fisheries of the DPRK, ”RIA Novosti quoted Matsegora as saying.

He noted that the DPRK authorities began to take harsh measures to prevent poaching in Russian waters.

“They began to take the necessary tough measures - they told me that fishing schooners convicted of illegal fishing are now ruthlessly destroyed, cooperatives sending their flotillas to our waters are liquidated, ship captains and company managers are subject to administrative and even criminal punishment,” he said ambassador.

September 17, it became known that the crew of the North Korean schooner, engaged in poaching, attacked the border guards in the Russian waters of the Sea of ​​Japan. FSB officers detained 161 DPRK citizens.

Later, on September 27, 262 fishery poachers from the DPRK were reportedly detained in Primorye.

On October 1, it became known that Russian border guards detained 87 DPRK citizens for poaching.

On October 2, Russian border guards opened fire on one of the schooners of poachers from the DPRK during the detention, a fire broke out on it. 64 poachers were detained in four schooners.

The Kremlin said the situation requires vigorous action.