- We look at the schools in the municipality in the long term, says Jannike Hillding (M). It's about 10 years ahead. The assignment is to have an equal education for all students in the municipality.

The school of the world, which has long struggled with a poor working environment, is at the top of the list for the southern part of the municipality.

- That school has long been in need of renovation, says Jannike Hillding.

The school in Ås will also be equipped. It is about the older part of the school.

According to the proposal, where two new schools are to be built, one in Krokom and one between Dvärsett and Ås, it is concluded that the schools on Rödön and in Aspås are closed down.

- Nothing is clear, Jannike Hillding emphasizes. It's about years to come.

In December, the Children and Education Board will discuss the future of schools. In February, the council will handle the matter.