• 10-N. The Electoral Board records Pedro Sánchez for his electoral use of La Moncloa
  • Electoral Board: Represents Isabel Celaá for the electoral use of the Council of Ministers

Hours after the Central Electoral Board has opened, for the first in the history of democracy, a sanctioning file to the president of the government and socialist candidate, Pedro Sánchez, for using the facilities of La Moncloa for election purposes in the interview that granted to La Sexta, he has pronounced on it in an interview in Onda Cero where he has argued that this body "has changed the criteria." "During these last 40 years the president of the Government has always done interviews in La Moncloa." "We will appeal," he said, but in any case "the rules of the game are set by the Electoral Board."

Sanchez has not admitted that the government may have erred and insisted that it is something that "Rajoy, Zapatero, Aznar, Felipe González" did. In his opinion it is "positive, in the face of public opinion that the media come and have interviews in La Moncloa." "The Electoral Board has also told us not to post this interview on the La Moncloa website." It seems, he insisted, that "it is changing its criteria, it must be followed and there is nothing more to add."

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