He stated this at a briefing with the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine on EU integration Dmytro Kuleba.

“We saw some progress that was made in the village of Lugansk, and would like to follow this example,” TASS quoted Stoltenberg as saying.

He noted that the alliance welcomes Kiev’s efforts to reduce tensions, withdraw troops and peacefully resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and supports Kiev in implementing key reforms, including in the security and defense sectors.

According to him, the alliance, whose delegation’s visit is a “clear signal of solidarity” with Ukraine, is unanimous with Ukraine on the issue of supporting the country's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that in order to regain control of Kiev over the Donbass, it is necessary to carry out three stages: “completion of the hot stage” of the conflict, “reconciliation of people” and “safe reintegration”.

The process of the separation of forces and assets in Zolotoy began on October 29.

The press service of the headquarters of the operation of the combined forces reported that the process of troop withdrawal near Zolotoy will take three days.

Later Zelensky announced the launch of a fund for international support for Donbass.