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Barcelona leader Pel Canvi, Manuel Valls, intellectuals and former leaders of the PSOE and Citizens presented on Wednesday the manifesto La España that brings together . A text with which they demand the three constitutionalist parties to agree after November 10, especially to jointly face the crisis in Catalonia.

Together with Valls, the manifesto was presented by the former general secretary of the PSE-PSOE, Nicolás Redondo Terreros ; the founder of Citizens Francesc de Carreras ; jurist Elisa de la Nuez , who was on the lists of this year's Citizens to the European Parliament, or José María Múgica , son of former PSE leader Fernando Múgica .

The text denounces that "nationalisms and populisms are today the main threat against freedoms." And he adds that "there is no room for dialogue and agreement with secessionist nationalism that openly defies laws and the Constitution."

The manifesto does not make an express request to the three parties to pacify after 10-N. But several of the signatories explained at the Fundación Diario Madrid, where the event was held, that PSOE, PP and Citizens should allow after the general elections governed by the candidate who gets more seats so that the Government "does not depend on nationalists or the populists. " That Executive should then "agree on a common position in relation to Catalonia," said Redondo Terreros.

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Former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls was the most applauded by the more than 130 attendees at the event. The Catalan leader made no mention of the constitutionalist platform he is preparing to stand for elections in Catalonia. In conversation with THE WORLD, he decoupled this initiative from that possible political party claiming that "times are important."

Barcelona sources Pel Canvi explained that the decision to present is not yet taken. And that the initiative of the manifesto The Spain that brings together is not related to this possible political formation.

Valls denounced that Spain is experiencing "convulsive times" because of the "confrontation between liberal democracy and the populisms of the left and right," in reference to Podemos, Vox or Junts per Catalunya. "We are facing a historic moment," he emphasized, "in which part of democracy in Europe is played here, in Spain," by the Catalan conflict.

The councilor asked PSOE, PP and Citizens to adopt a plan for Catalonia that addresses education, culture and audiovisual communication in this community, since they are now in the hands of the independence. "We cannot leave the Catalans alone," he said, "is what the Catalan constitutionalists were asking us on Sunday's march."

The former French Prime Minister presumed that the first defeat of independence in many years has been achieved in the Barcelona City Council, having closed to an independence mayor, Ernest Maragall . And he put the constitutionalist demonstration on Sunday as an example to unite "Citizens, PSOE and PP around coexistence". "We ask all three parties," he summed up, "to have clear ideas not to reach disaster."

The event was attended by leaders or former leaders of Citizens such as César Zafra , current member of the Executive, or Toni Roldán , who resigned last June from the hard core of the party's leadership. They were also former UPyD leaders such as David Ortega , who was on the party management committee of Rosa Díez.

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