Mr. Greta “Needs Action” October 30th, 10:21


Greta Toonberg, a 16-year-old activist who complains about global warming countermeasures, revealed that he refused an international award that praises environmental efforts, and measures against global warming are made by specific actions rather than awards I wanted you to contribute.

16-year-old Sweden, Greta Thunberg, has been attracting attention for his efforts to appeal to global warming, affecting young people around the world, and the Nobel Peace Prize.

Under these circumstances, Mr. Greta revealed on his Instagram that he refused the award that the intergovernmental organization in which Nordic countries participated gave to people and companies who contributed to environmental problems.

In this, Greta says, “We no longer need awards. All we need is to have politicians and powerful people listen to science.” It is important to encourage action.

“The Nordic countries are highly regarded for their climate and environmental issues. But if you look at the impact of per capita population on the environment, you do n’t act according to science. If so, I decided not to accept this award and prize money, "he called for helping to combat global warming through specific actions.

On the other hand, on the Internet, there are voices praising Greta, especially young people, saying, “If the government does not change, you should not receive an award”.