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The voice of Sadako Ogata spreads around the world


In commemoration, Sadako Ogata, who was the first Japanese UNHCR = High Commissioner for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, died ...

Voice of Sadako Ogata sings around the world at 6:14 am on October 30

The voice of remembrance has spread to the death of Sadako Ogata, the first Japanese to serve as High Commissioner for UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. UN Secretary General Guterres praised Mr. Ogata for "Sadako Ogata is a humanitarian example for people all over the world."

Sadako Ogata, who passed away, served as UNHCR's first high commissioner for the first time in Japan, and many of the decisions focused on valuing outstanding skills and people have had a major impact on UN officials. It was.

Among them, the UN Secretary General Guterres, who later served as the High Commissioner for Refugees like Ogata, issued a statement on the 29th: “Sadako Ogata is a humanitarian example for people all over the world. "I witnessed her unparalleled achievement, and thanks to her sense of responsibility and skillful work, millions of refugees are blessed with better lives and opportunities." It was.

At the headquarters of UNHCR = United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, Switzerland, a half-flag was raised in memory of Ogata's death on the 29th.

UNHCR spokesman Andrei Mahichitch recalled NHK ’s interviews, “He was close to the people and acted in the context of what was actually happening in the field,” and “emergencies happening around the world. Her legacy of responding is still alive, ”he praised.

Former President of Afghanistan “symbolizes Japanese conscience and kindness”

Former President Karzai of Afghanistan issued a statement about the death of Mr. Ogata, who has focused on the reconstruction of Afghanistan. “I am very sad and sorry. I express my sincere respect and gratitude for the efforts and deep love for the reconstruction of Afghanistan. He was a great person who symbolized the Japanese conscience and kindness. ” In addition to demonstrating the achievement of Mr. Ogata.

UN Secretary-General “Examples of Humanitarianism”

UN Secretary General Guterres, who later served as High Commissioner for Refugees, same as Mr. Ogata, released a statement on the 29th, saying, “We are deeply saddened. I swallowed the death.

In addition, Secretary General Guterres said, “Sadako Ogata had no choice but to take action based on his own beliefs, setting the standards for refugee support in principle, compassion and efficiency. As the first female high commissioner, He was a pioneer who shed light on bringing women into society as well as responding to violence, and her contribution lasted long after retiring to embody the idea of ​​human security. " As the establishment of the foundation of the next UN refugee administration.

He then mentioned that he later served the same post, “I witnessed Sadako Odaka's unparalleled achievement as a High Commissioner. Millions of refugees felt her responsibility. "Blessed with a better life and opportunity thanks to their skilled work, and now those who fled their homeland and home are getting better treatment because of her achievements." .

“I am grateful to have met Sadako Odaka as a colleague and friend. I would like to express my condolences to my family, the Japanese people, the government, and people all over the world who respect her.”

UNHCR staff "thoughts who make thoughtful decisions"

UNHCR's female staff said, “Although it was always known as a gentle person, it was also a solid person who made a timely and thoughtful decision. Those who know Mr. Ogata are very sad. I think. "

Source: nhk

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