• Cucchi case. Ilaria: this is the year of the turning point, the truth has entered the Chamber
  • Cucchi case. PM asks 18 years for the two Carabinieri accused of the beating


October 29, 2019Francesco Tedesco, the carabiniere who told how and why 31-year-old Stefano Cucchi was beaten by two of his colleagues in the Casilina company barracks on the night of the arrest (between October 15 and October 16, 2009). days before he died at Pertini hospital), he must be acquitted of the accusation of unintentional murder "because he did not commit the crime, having been a stranger to what happened". This is the request made to the court of assizes by the lawyer Eugenio Pini in the trial that sees also the soldiers of the weapon Alessio Di Bernardo and Raffaele D'Alessandro (considered by the prosecutor the material authors of the beating), in addition to the marshal Roberto Mandolini (at the time interim commander of the Appia Station, who replied for forgery and slander against the three officers of the penitentiary police) and the military Vincenzo Nicolardi (only slander).

"German - said the criminal lawyer, referring to the inner torment of his client who accused the two co-defendants after years of silence - he walked a lonely and impervious path, unconsciously representing the smallest and weakest washer of a huge and powerful gear that for once he rotated out of phase, he tried to stop this mechanism but was inexorably overwhelmed and invested "

German's lawyer: "Stefano said 'he saved me'"
According to the lawyer, the same Stefano Cucchia "left a series of information in favor of Francesco Tedesco on the street. He is the one who says that Tedesco shouted and saved him". Unlike his military colleagues, per pm the prosecutor asked absolution for this specific indictment. "German - added lawyer Pini - freed Cucchi from the grip of the two soldiers who were beating him in the Casilina barracks. He did so, first by verbally recalling his colleague Alessio Di Bernardo and then physically stopping Raffaele D'Alessandro (the two military for which the prosecutor has requested the sentence to 18 years of imprisonment) After defending him, Tedesco rescued and protected the boy, except then, once he left the barracks, to warn the commander of what happened just before ".

The lawyer then continued: "In this affair Francesco Tedesco has unknowingly represented the smallest and weakest washer of a huge and powerful gear that for once has rotated in phase. He tried to stop this mechanism but it was inexorably overwhelmed , invested ". In the process in question, five carabinieri are charged, three of them - including German - accused of unintentional murder.

The German lawyer: I fear he will lose his job and his uniform
In his speech, Tedesco's lawyer then recalled how his client showed resilience and demanded acquittal from the crime of unintentional homicide. "Unfortunately after this incident I fear I will lose my job and my uniform, I think he has at least the right to life. He did not participate in the attack, there is an absolute lack of adhesion to the crime. For this I ask for the acquittal of the crime of intentional homicide for not having committed the act ".

Ilaria Cucchi: words were not enough to stop the beating
The words spoken by Tedesco while D'Alessandro and Di Bernardo were beating Stefano, "Stop it! Don't allow yourself! What the fuck do you do?!?!", They would certainly not have been enough to stop the fury of the colleagues' aviolence. There had to be a physical intervention as it actually happened. "So on Facebook, Ilaria Cucchi comments on what the lawyer of the accused-witness Francesco Tedesco said in the courtroom in the process of Stefano Cucchi's death.