It was in the municipal council in September that the majority's (S, MP, L and C) proposal to raise the landfill tariff was reimbursed because M and SD wanted it to be further investigated when they considered the proposal incomplete.

Among other things, the Moderates believe that those who compost their own food waste will be punished because they will receive a raise and that it is really about providing Gästrike with organic combustible waste. SD also calls it penalties for customers who find out their own food waste.

- You try to hide what it really is, everything is directed at Gästrike echo gas and its benefits, said Pekka Seitola (M), among others.

"We are throwing lots of things today that we shouldn't, raising the tariff is a means to get people to sort more garbage," said Emelie Lejon (MP), who replaced Theresé Metz (MP), Gästrike recycler chair, who was ill.

Gästrike recyclers include Gävle, Sandviken, Ockelbo, Hofors and Älvkarleby.