Puppy video to help stray monkeys is a hot topic.

On the 25th local time, foreign media including the British Daily Mail introduced footage from a police station in Madhya Pradesh, India. The video begins with a puppy wandering around the police station with a monkey on its back.

The monkey is wrapped around the dog's neck in order not to fall, but the dog stops for a while until the monkey, which seems to be taking care of him, takes its place and moves again.

A short time later, the police looked at the monkey away from the dog and handed a banana. The monkey grabbed my big banana and ate it. According to those who witnessed the dogs and monkeys at the time, a dog wandering near the local lake found a monkey left alone and headed to the police station on its back.

Local police reported that monkeys were separated from their mothers in the process of being captured by the hunters, and sent to forest officials to return to the wild.

The netizens who watched the video responded by saying, "Warm and adorable dogs," "I want you to have a comfortable home."

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(Source = YouTube Daily News)