In an interview with the JDD this weekend, Redoine Faïd denounces his conditions of detention, he who has been in solitary confinement for seven years and escaped twice.

"We are immured alive." This is how the robber Redoine Faïd describes his situation. The author of the aborted robbery of Villiers-sur-Marne in 2010, which had resulted in the death of a policewoman, has been in solitary confinement for seven years. "There is no activity, no work or computer workshop, all that is forbidden," he says at the JDD this week.

Redoine Faid denounces the attitude of the supervisors. "Some refuse walks or sport," says one who lives in a tiny cell. "Without reason or justification, they return your cell during excavations, leave their boot marks on your sheets, they put me too naked to search me while I do not meet anyone, they look at several my private parts."

"It's a mortal and morbid confinement"

According to him, the prison establishes a "process of dehumanization, humiliating, violent, it is a mortuary and morbid confinement.All prison barbarism is concentrated in this hyper criminogenic prison structure.This is done to crush your soul". The robber also recalls that he was allowed "several times out of isolation", to no avail.

It must be said that he has already escaped twice, in 2013 and 2018. "I'm not proud, but I have my limits", justifies the one who says he wanted to get closer to his family.