• The Prosecutor's Office questions the "impartiality" of the penitentiary services of the Generalitat to resolve on the prisoners of the 'procés'
  • Courts.The Chief of Anti-Corruption denounces the judge of the 'ERE case' for the "unjustified" delay for the benefit of those investigated

The political blockade that crosses Spain , submerged in a continuous electoral period for months, also affects the Fiscal Race . A total of 30 discretionary positions of the Public Prosecutor's Office have not been appointed pending a new Government to designate the next state attorney general.

According to tax sources reported to EL MUNDO , in recent months there have been two vacancies for his appointment - the highest in the Public Prosecutor's Office - in the criminal and disability specialties. In the first case, you will have to occupy the place that has been deserted with the retirement of the criminal prosecutor, Antolín Herrero . For its part, the disability square is newly created.

To these two places will be added in a matter of weeks that of the also Sala prosecutors, Mariano Fernández Bermejo , former Minister of Socialist Justice, assigned in the military jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, who retires on February 10. Next to her, the one of the prosecutor of Sala Anselmo Fernández Tembleque will also be vacant, whose retirement will take place on December 19. In addition, two places of Supreme Court prosecutors are still pending.

On the other hand, the next attorney general must appoint the lieutenant chief of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office - a position that so far holds the prosecutor Belén Suárez - as well as eight more prosecutors of the Special Prosecutor's Office against Corruption and Organized Criminality .

Also, the appointments of a prosecutor of the Court of Auditors , nine area chief prosecutors and seven provincial chief prosecutors are also paralyzed. All of them are discretionary charges of free designation.

The continuity of Segarra at the head of the Fiscal Ministry is now an unknown

Thus, the next attorney general named by the Executive resulting from the 10-N general elections will have the final say on more than 30 appointments of special relevance in the Fiscal Career. There is a circumstance that, although such designations are valued and voted by the Fiscal Council, that vote is not binding on the attorney general.

With this scenario, the one that the former general prosecutor of the deceased State José Manuel Maza , who in one of the first meetings he chaired at the Fortuny Palace of the Fiscal Council, in 2017, had to face about thirty discretionary appointments Office of the Prosecutor as the chief prosecutor of the National Court or chief prosecutor of Anti-Corruption.

The political blockade paralyzes the appointments for months

At this time, the continuity of María José Segarra at the head of the Fiscal Ministry is unknown for two reasons. In the first place, because there is no absolute certainty that the PSOE will obtain in the next elections a loose parliamentary majority that allows Pedro Sánchez to be president of the Government again and, secondly, because even in that case in the current Socialist Executive There is widespread discontent with the current attorney general.

In Moncloa they did not see with good eyes that Segarra did not impose on the four prosecutors of Sala del procés the accusation for the crime of sedition in the Supreme Court. That circumstance forced the Government to change the legal criteria to the State Advocacy and led to the dismissal of the chief criminal lawyer, now a spokesman for Citizens Justice, Edmundo Bal.

A posteriori, the High Court has ruled, in line with the one defended by the Executive, that the leaders of the 1-O committed a crime of sedition - several of them in a medial contest with embezzlement of public flows - instead of a crime of rebellion.

On the other hand, in the Government of Pedro Sánchez it caused a great discomfort that María José Segarra endorsed the harsh complaint that the chief anti-corruption prosecutor Alejandro Luzón presented in the General Council of the Judiciary against the judge that instructs corruption cases that affect the PSOE , Judge María Núñez Bolaños , instructor of the ERE or the Avales case .

In contrast, the performance of Segarra has a broad support of the Fiscal Career, which values ​​that its maximum representative is letting them work freely and independently.

The lack of agreement to renew the governing body of the judges is added to the appointments jam in the Prosecutor's Office. The CGPJ has been in an interim situation since December 2018.

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