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Here are the cities that have had enough of overt tourism


Tourism can mean jobs and income. At the same time, overt tourism can ruin the everyday lives of people living in popular cities and towns around the world. Here are some cities that have had enough of tourists.


In Spain, which had over 75 million tourists in 2016, the country's population has protested in several places and in various ways against overt tourism, which is considered to help make the city more crowded and more expensive to live in for the local population.

In Majorca, a left-wing group has published photos of activists smashing windows on rental cars in the capital, Palma.

Attitudes towards tourists have also hardened in Barcelona. On walls around the city, messages like "tourist you are a terrorist" and "why call it a tourist season if we can't shoot them?" Among other things, the city authorities have stopped hotel construction and used money that has come in through tourism to improve the living situation of the locals, instead of increasing tourism.


Several Italian cities have had enough of how tourists behave, and have therefore introduced rules and bans. In the capital Rome, tourists are no longer allowed to sit on the popular attraction of the Spanish Steps.

In Venice, overt tourism is considered to have frightened locals and the UN agency UNESCO states that the impact of tourists on the city's historic buildings has been very alarming. The locals have protested against emissions against large ships and increased living costs.

In order to reduce the number of tourists, among other things, hotel construction has been stopped and rules have been introduced. Among other things, you should not wear swimwear outside beaches or sit and eat on the steps of the city's architectural masterpieces.

Hong Kong

Tourists are negatively impacting everyday life and the city's already narrow streets have become more difficult to access. That is what some Hong Kong residents, who mainly want to reduce tourism from mainland Chinese who travel in large groups and clog streets while waiting for tourist buses.


Indonesian authorities decided to close the island of Komodo for tourists for a year because it affected the amount of Komodo wares on the island. In the past, smugglers have tried to sell 41 komodovarans on the black market for $ 35,000 apiece.


Cozumel Island in Mexico is the world's second most popular destination for large cruises. The large amount of boats and snorkelers have destroyed the coral reef around the island.


The swimming pigs on Big Major Cay have become a popular destination for world tourists. But when the pigs started to die in large quantities, it was discovered that the tourists had fed the pigs on the beach and that they therefore got too much sand.

Some tourists had even fed the pigs with beer and rum and tried to ride them. The pig owners now work with authorities to try to ensure that tourists adhere to the set rules.


According to the New York Times, the record-breaking 3.5 million tourists who visited Cuba last year affected the price and availability of food for locals so much that the state needed to impose price caps.

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