“The presence of American troops in the region is used to build tension in relations with Russia. US troops in columns along roads and railroads are moving from one American base to another, approaching the western border of Russia, ”the document says.

The authors of the appeal indicate that such “relocations violate the spirit of the“ 2 + 4 Treaty, ”which excludes the possibility of the presence of foreign troops and nuclear weapons in the eastern federal lands”.

The corresponding agreement was concluded in 1990 between the GDR and the FRG, as well as the USSR, France, Britain and the USA. One of its points was the guarantee of the complete sovereignty of Germany over its internal and external affairs.

Deputies expressed dissatisfaction with the presence of the US military in Poland and the Baltic countries.

“The deployment of troops on a rotational basis in Poland and the Baltic states threatens the fundamental act of Russia-NATO, the latest still valid agreement between the West and Russia on the limitation of non-nuclear weapons,” the statement emphasizes.

According to the authors of the appeal, currently more than 35 thousand American soldiers are in Germany.

In the framework of US policy in the Middle East, it is noted that the military bases located in Germany play a particularly important role: they help coordinate the deployment of US forces around Iran and transport troops, as well as continue the "targeted elimination" in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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As the head of the ruling party of Poland, Law and Justice, Jaroslav Kaczynski, noted, the expansion of the presence of the US military in the country is associated with a change in the geopolitical situation and Russian politics.

In the summer, the Lefts in the Bundestag stated that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was not making enough efforts to improve relations with Russia.