In a voter barometer that SVT presented on Thursday, the Swedish Democrats are once again larger than the Moderates and thus the largest opposition party. In an opinion poll from Demoskop / Expressen from earlier in October, they lay alongside the Social Democrats and thus sniff at the place as the largest party.

"Our profile questions dominate"

When Jimmie Åkesson visits SVT Morgonstudion, he downsides his ambition to become the next prime ministerial candidate, but he does not rule it out because he believes that SD is the party that set the political agenda.

- It is our profile issues that dominate the debate. We have put pressure on other parties to change their politics and rhetoric. It was us who lifted the migration policy and the failed integration. We have been toughest in terms of criminal policy, he says.

You see yourself as an opposition leader?

- In that context it is so. But today we have no united opposition. I hope we end up there and I think voters expect it.

Are you ready to become prime minister?

- I'm so ready I could be in this situation. But that's not important to me. I don't go around saying I want to be prime minister. I want to change society. It is the political content that is important.

First step: talk politics

The first step Jimmie Åkesson wants to see is that he and Moderate leader Ulf Kristersson sit down to find out what issues you think are the same.

- If we agree, then we can talk about who should have what position, but as long as we have not talked politics, it does not feel constructive to discuss who should become prime minister.

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