Tomb of President Franco, Spain 25:08:03

The grave of President Franco, who had been dictatorship in Spain for nearly 40 years until the 1970s, was moved from the national memorial facility to another cemetery on the 24th. As part of the liquidation of the so-called “negative history,” the voice of the president is still deep-rooted, and the public's reputation over the dictatorship is broken.

Franco was victorious in the 1930s Spanish civil war with support from Nazi Germany and so on, and until the 1970s, he had been dictatorship for 36 years, oppressing dissidents and killing many people.

Franco is buried with the civil war dead in a national memorial facility on the outskirts of the capital, Madrid, but the government moved to another place last year as part of the liquidation of the so-called "negative history" of the dictatorship I decided.

The work to move the grave started on the morning of the 24th, and while the Franco President's family watched over the graves, the graves were removed from the graves in the building. He was then taken by helicopter to another cemetery where the president's wife slept, about 30 kilometers away and buried.

With regard to President Franco, the achievements of the country's economic development have been realized, and the voices of achievement have been deeply rooted, and the supporters of the president protested the relocation of the grave with a banner around the facility.

In a poll conducted by the local media this month about the relocation of the grave, 43% agree, while 32% oppose it, and the public's reputation over the dictatorship is still broken, 40 years after the president's death.