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Police investigating the 39 bodies found at Grays in Essex. REUTERS / Peter Nicholls

Investigators continue to trace the route of the vehicle and its cargo and must focus their attention on both Northern Ireland and Belgium.

With our correspondent in London, Muriel Delcroix

Police confirmed Thursday (October 24th) that the 39 victims found dead in a refrigerator truck in Essex were Chinese nationals. China has announced that employees of its embassy were heading to London to verify the information.

At the same time, the route of the heavy truck is clarified. The trailer where the victims were arrived arrived in the night from Wednesday to Thursday at the port of Purfleet on the Thames from Zeebrugge in Belgium.

The cabin that came to tow the container was from Northern Ireland, where the 25-year-old driver was arrested as part of the murder investigation. In fact, raids on three properties were conducted last night in Armagh County, where the young man lives, as the police attempt to identify criminal gangs that may have played a role behind this tragedy.

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For their part, the Belgian authorities have also opened an investigation focused on the organizers of this traffic and their possible accomplices. A spokesman said the trailer arrived in Zeebrugge around 14:30 on Tuesday 22 October and left the port in the afternoon.

It is not known if the victims are mounted in the refrigerated container in Belgium or in another country. The police confirmed that they were Chinese nationals, 8 women and 31 men and are now trying to establish their identity, but also when and how they died .