It's an event. No less than 162 works by Leonardo da Vinci are on display from Thursday, October 24 at the Louvre Museum: the largest retrospective ever organized for the genius of the Renaissance, which died five hundred years ago, the Parisian exhibition promises to attract visitors from around the world.

To regulate the expected affluence, the exhibition, which will last until February 24, can only be accessed by reservation. Some 260,000 tickets have already been booked.

After the exhibition Tutankhamen, in La Villette (1.42 million visitors in total), the exhibition Leonard is announced as the other blockbuster museum of the year in France.

The retrospective offers a unique opportunity to admire ten paintings by the master of the Renaissance (eleven, taking into account the Mona Lisa, jewel of the collections of the Louvre) while only twenty paintings are attributed by the specialists at Vinci. Among them, "The Saint Anne", "Saint John the Baptist" and the "Madonna Benois", lent by the Hermitage Museum of St. Petersburg.

With AFP