Ukrainian allegations "Investigation is a condition of US military support" Diplomat testified at 13:46 on October 23

Diplomats involved in Ukrainian policy testify that U.S. President Trump has put pressure on Ukraine to gain information against Vice President Biden of the Democratic Party, and the Ukrainian investigation about Mr. Biden He stated that it was a condition of US military support. The Democratic Party is going to strengthen the offensive by investigating the impeachment, as it supports the allegations.

In the House of Parliament where the Democratic Party takes the lead on the allegations that President Trump has put pressure on Ukraine to gain information against the former Vice President Biden, a leading presidential candidate on the Democratic Party, investigations towards impeachment proceed It has been.

A temporary assistant ambassador to the American embassy in Ukraine testified on the 22nd at the request of a commission of the House of Representatives.

The testimony was done privately, but according to the American media, Taylor testified that the Ukrainian side expressed that the Ukrainian side would investigate a company where Mr. Biden's family served as an officer about it.

Mr Taylor also testified that this was President Trump's intention and was told by Mr. Taylor from Ambassador Sondland in the United States, who is a strong supporter of President Trump and is responsible for the EU = European Union.

The White House issued a statement stating that President Trump has nothing wrong and denied the suspicion again, but the Democratic Party is in a position to strengthen the offensive in an investigation aimed at impeachment, Trump The president and Democratic party are likely to become more intense.

Successful criticism of President Trump's post “Linch”

US President Trump said on the 22nd that the Democratic Party is investigating the impeachment: “All Republicans should not forget that Lynch is witnessing now. But we win! "I posted on Twitter and accused me.

President Trump seems to have the intention to argue that the investigation for impeachment is not based on legal procedures.

However, the word lynch means "private sentence" and criticism continues as an inappropriate expression that reminds us that blacks were once killed by groups in the United States.

Among them, the head of the Democratic Senate, General Secretary Schuma, said that President Trump should never have used the word.

Also, the Republican Senate leader, Mr. McConnell, said “it ’s an unfair process” for the investigation by the Democratic Party, but “I would n’t compare it to Lynch, given the history of Japan. It was an unfortunate choice, ”he said.