The idea of ​​a reconsideration call on the U.S. and Sweden October 23, 14:10

This month, Swedish government officials, who were in talks with US and North Korea practitioners, have revealed their intention to call both sides to talk in Sweden.

Kent Hästed, a special envoy for the Korean peninsula in the Swedish government, held a press conference in Seoul, South Korea, on the 23rd.

The Swedish government has proposed to both sides to hold a US-North American practitioner talk in Sweden, and Mr Hashted said that the practitioner talk on May 5 “was held longer than originally planned. It was a good opportunity to listen to. "

After that, he said, “Sweden will continue to provide a place for both parties to meet and support,” and clarified the idea of ​​inviting both the US and North Korea to speak again in Sweden.

When asked if they wanted to hold the meeting within the year about the specific time of the discussion, he said, “I hope that will be the case” and expressed his expectation for an early resumption.

“There is no story about ending the dialogue. I think it ’s a historical opportunity, and I think it ’s the same with the US and North Korea.”

Sweden established diplomatic relations with North Korea in 1973, the embassy in Pyongyang serves as an American profit representative, and Mr Hashted emphasized that he can communicate well with both sides Showed a willingness.