Recent figures from the Swedish Transport Administration show that many people have a hard time driving up when they need to take a driving license. An Umeå resident had to try 24 times before going the route. And the authority thinks that you can try exactly how many times you want.

- Yes. It is a right to have a driving license in Sweden, so we cannot limit the number of times you are allowed to drive, ”says Ove Lommered, head of the driver test at the Swedish Transport Administration.

Requires valid theory proof

To be able to drive up, however, you need to have passed the theory part, a grade that is only valid for two months before it has to be taken again. The Swedish Transport Administration cannot also require people to take more driving lessons between the trials, but only to request this.

Could it be that some use the Swedish Transport Administration as a driving school?

- I don't think that's their intention, but it may seem like it, says Lommered.

A downward trend

In recent years, the authority has seen an increasing number of cogs on the driveway and, according to Lommered, is working actively to counteract this development.

- Together with the Swedish Transport Agency, we have worked on the issue of bringing about changes in the long term. Such a change could be that an approved theory test will be valid longer, but there is no concrete proposal today.