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Russian troops deployed in northern Syria


Russia's agreement with Turkey on the removal of Kurdish forces from the borders over the military operations against Kurdish forces in northern Syria, Turkey…

Russian troops deployed in northern Syria 24 October 7:22


Russian troops who have agreed with Turkey to eliminate Kurdish forces from the border area have begun to deploy over military operations against Kurdish forces in northern Syria in Turkey. The Kurdish forces, on the other hand, stressed Turkey and Russia's movement, emphasizing that the US President Trump has pledged support.

Turkey agreed to stop the operation on the condition that the United States and the withdrawal of Kurdish forces over military operations in northern Syria, President Erdogan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 22nd, Kurdish forces from the border area Agreed to eliminate.

According to the agreement, an area of ​​approximately 120 km east of the border where the Kurdish forces withdrew was maintained as an operation area of ​​the Turkish army, and the Assad regime forces of Russia and Syria were deployed in other border areas to expand the Kurdish forces. I'm going to withdraw.

According to local reports, on the 23rd, the Russian military police arrived at the Syrian border town, where many Kurds live, and began to develop.

On the other hand, the Syrian Democratic Force, a Kurdish-powered unit, issued a statement on the 23rd, emphasizing that Commander Mazurum met with President Trump over the phone to make a commitment to support.

The Kurdish forces were initially repelled as the United States acquiesced Turkey's military operations, but they were forced to reinforce their cooperation with the United States in cooperation with Turkey and Russia.

However, the United States has already decided to withdraw troops from northern Syria, and Russia's influence is further strengthened by the start of the deployment of troops to fill this gap.

US Special Representative “Syrian Armed Forces May Be Indiscriminately Killed”

Meanwhile, Special Representative Jeffrey, who is in charge of Syria at the U.S. Department of State, committed a war crime that the Syrian armed forces that cooperated with Turkey in this military operation killed the Kurds indiscriminately at a parliamentary hearing on the 23rd. I testified that it was possible.

According to it, there was information that women of Kurdish civil society groups were killed, and several non-resisting people were killed by armed forces with their arms held, and that the US government began investigating is.

Jeffrey says, “I immediately contacted the Turkish government and asked for the highest level of explanation. The United States will not overlook this,” he said.

President Trump stresses the outcome of Turkey's permanent cessation of military operations, but Congress does not criticize the Trump administration betrayed Kurdish powers.

Kurdish men plan to commit suicide in front of UNHCR

Meanwhile, media from various countries reported on the 23rd that a Kurdish man in his 30s tried to commit suicide by burning gasoline in front of UNHCR = UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, Switzerland.

According to reports, the man seems to be a refugee who escaped from Syria and tried to enter the office building while wrapped in flames, but he was currently treated at the hospital because he was arrested by security guards , Is not ready to talk.

The motivation is not clear, but the local police are showing that they may have had political intent.

The day before the man attempted suicide, Turkey's President Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to eliminate Kurdish forces from the border.

Source: nhk

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