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Mondo di Mezzo, final sentence: eight go to prison


Referral to appeal to re-establish simple association penalties. Rays: sentence still confirms criminal association. Pg Salvi: I don't understand who is rejoicing

  • Middle of the world, the Cassation: it is not mafia. The reactions
  • Mafia Capital: Tuesday the sentence of the Cassation
  • Mafia capital. Cassation, mafia association falls


October 23, 2019 It was carried out during the night by the police of the Ros and the Provincial Command of Rome, after the sentence of the Cassation on Mondo di Mezzo, an execution order for the imprisonment issued by the Attorney General of the Republic at the Court of Appeal of Rome for 8 people. The doors of the prison opened for the former president of the Capitoline Assembly Mirko Coratti, for the former manager who took care of the Green in Rome Claudio Turella, Sandro Coltellacci, Franco Figurelli, Guido Magrini, Mario Schina, Andrea Tassone and Giordano Tredicine.

"The Cassation found that the city of Rome was suffering from a major scourge of illegality, which, however, unlike the court of appeal, and even before the court, is neither violence nor intimidation, and "corruption". This was stated by Giovanni Maria Flick, president emeritus of the Consulta, speaking on 'RadioSOI' on Radio1 Rai about yesterday's sentence by the Supreme Court on the investigation into the so-called 'middle world'. For Flick every emphatic tone must be avoided in the evaluation of yesterday's decision, and instead consider that this sentence should be read in "a fairly simple discourse. And in law this is: the mafia lives on violence, on the intimidation and silence: corruption lives on negotiation and also on omerta ". And this made the difference, according to Flick, bearing in mind that "we must wait for the reasons" of the Court.

The sixth criminal section had examined the position of 32 defendants, of whom 17 were condemned by the Rome Court of Appeal last year, in various capacities for the mafia (for association with mafia-style criminals, or with the aggravating mafia or , again, for external competition). The accusation, moved by the Rome prosecutor's office, revolved around the establishment of a "new" mafia, with offshoots in the capital procurement world. Last Wednesday, the General Prosecutor's Office of the Cassation had asked for the substantive validation of the appeal ruling.

'Middle world was not mafia'
The sixth criminal section of the Cassation has therefore denied the mafia character of the association led by Salvatore Buzzi and Massimo Carminati. That of the 'middle world' was not the mafia and Salvatore Buzzi and Massimo Carminati had not set up a single criminal group but two associations that had little or nothing to do with one another. With a sentence that overturns the second degree the Cassation annuls the 416-bis sentence against Buzzi and Carminati, who on appeal had been sentenced respectively to 18 years and four months and 14 and a half years, and those for the other 15 accused of crimes of mafia, including the former PDL group leader in the Lazio Region Luca Gramazio (8 years and 8 months on appeal).

Referral to appeal to re-establish simple association penalties
The judges of the Cassation, who with this evening's ruling annulled 416 bis without delay and therefore not recognized, sent an appeal for the re-determination of the sentence in relation to the simple criminal association.

'Simple partnerships'
After the annulment of 416bis, the Court of Appeal of Rome will have to re-determine the sentences for the members of the two 'simple' criminal associations - as recognized by the Cassation - headed by Massimo Carminati and Salvatore Buzzi, since the aggravating factor of the mafia method. This is established by the VI criminal section of the Court of Cassation in the judgment on the Mondo di Mezzo investigation.

Mafia capital, defense Carminati: there is a judge in Berlin
"The crime of the mafia has fallen due to manifest groundlessness. Finally there is a judge in Berlin". This was stated by lawyer Francesco Tagliaferri, defender of the former exponent Nar Massimo Carminati.

Legal Carminati: 416 bis unsustainable
"It was a legally somewhat forced story, to annul without delay it means that the Cassation considered it legally unsustainable". This was said by Massimo Carminati's lawyer, Cesare Placanica, commenting on the reading of the sentence of the VI criminal section of the Court of Cassation which denied the mafia character of the two criminal associations recognized in the 'Mondo di Mezzo' inquiry.

Defense Buzzi: rotten system
"Buzzi had admitted to me some of the disputes on my recommendation. In Rome there was a rotten and corrupt system and the first-degree sentence recognized it. The prosecutor's office tried to support the mafia. The Cassation said what we had supported since from the beginning". Thus said lawyer Alessandro Diddi, defender of Salvatore Buzzi, after the sentence on the Mafia Capital trial.

Defense Gramazio: legal invention
"One thing is certain: the mafia does not exist in this process, it is a cold-made legal invention". This was stated by Valerio Spigarelli, defender of Luca Gramazio, the former PDL regional councilor who had been granted the crime of mafia-type association on appeal.

Pg Salvi: I don't understand who is rejoicing
"I do not find the jubilation of someone justified since the Supreme Court recognized the existence of associations, in the terms affirmed by the first instance sentence, which had imposed modest penalties: two criminal associations that had been able to infiltrate in depth the administrative and political machine of Rome ". This was stated by the attorney general of the capital, Giovanni Salvi, commenting on the Cassation's decision in the Mondo di Mezzo proceedings. "We are in the presence of a very complex sentence and for a more in-depth comment it will be necessary to read carefully the device and the reasons. It must be said that we return to the outcome of the first degree in which the Mafia-type association was not recognized, an element undoubtedly important ", concludes Salvi.

Rays: sentence still confirms criminal association
The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, was present at the time of the sentence and commented: "This sentence confirms the criminal association anyway. A very dark chapter in the history of our city has been written. We are working together with the Romans to rise from the ruins they left, following a path of legality and respect for rights. One thing I want to say to the Romans: we go ahead with our heads held high ".

Salvini: was it volunteering?
"Cassation says that Mondo di Mezzo is not mafia? So what was a voluntary association?" This was said by Matteo Salvini during the registration of Porta a Porta regarding the sentence of the Cassation on Mafia Capital.

Morra: sentence is respected but perplexity
"The Court of Cassation denies the installation of the sentence of the Court of Appeal of Rome: Buzzi and Carminati in the capital had not established a mafia-like association which, through intimidation only feared and the lever of corruption, had so many in its grip Capitoline municipal administration offices, obtaining contracts and assignments in a completely illicit manner. In Rome there was no mafia. According to the Cassation. The sentences are respected. But the perplexities, the doubts, the ambiguities remain all ". The president of the parliamentary anti-mafia commission, Nicola Morra, writes this.

For 8 defendants out of 32 final sentence
Eight out of 32 defendants in the 'Mondo di Mezzo' trial for which the sentence of the Cassation makes the sentences for minor offenses definitive. In particular we are talking about the former president of the Municipal Council of Rome, Mirko Coratti (4 and a half years), of the former minisindaco of the Municipality X, Andrea Tassone (5 years), of the former president of the Isma Institute of Santa Maria in Aquiro, Guido Magrini (3 years), of the former head of the technical office of the Tiberian Authority Marco Placidi (5 years), of the former secretary of Coratti, Franco Figurelli (4 years), of the former collaborator of Luca Odevaine, Mario Schina (4 years), of the former Capitoline councilor Giordano Tredicine (2 and a half years) and of the former garden service official Claudio Turella (6 years old), the only one to have bargained in appeal. For 24 people, on the other hand, a new appeal procedure will be opened to re-determine penalties.

Indeed, the Cassation rejected the appeals of Coratti, Tredicine and Tassone. Coratti and Tredicine were sentenced to pay court costs against Roma Capitale and the Lazio Region. For the Cassation, Coratti and Tassone will not have to compensate the Democratic Party. Furthermore, the Cassation rejected the appeals of Figurelli, Placidi, Schina and sentenced them to pay court costs. The supreme judges also declared Turella's appeal inadmissible, which instead was sentenced to pay court costs and the sum of 2,000 euros in favor of the fines fund.

Source: rainews

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