October 23, 2019She turned away in the investigation into the end of Angela Stefano, 48, the woman who died last February 5 in Salemi, in the province of Trapani. The carabinieri arrested the former mate of the woman Vincenzo Caradonna, 47, on charges of voluntary murder, destruction and concealment of a corpse and possession of explosive devices. The provision was issued by the magistrate of Marsala, at the request of the public prosecutor's office, on the basis of investigations conducted by the Carabinieri of the Mazara del Vallo company and by the Ris soldiers who had found traces of blood in the woman's home.

Angela Stefani, originally from the Bologna area, had lived in Salemi for several years. No one had seen her since the end of January and her cell phone was always off. The woman's ex-husband, Rosario Scianna, denounced the disappearance. Spouses also have a 21-year-old son, Francesco. It was the latter who confided to the investigators that his mother feared his former partner, because he was very violent, even though he would not have had the courage to report him.

At first Caradonna had lost track but the Carabinieri had tracked him down to his sister's home. He had moved there since his home, where he lived with Angela, had been seized. The house had been sifted by the men of the scientific team of Ris of Messina who had found traces of blood. The mobile phone records of the missing woman and the suspect were also analyzed by the military.