Meeting with Vice President Aki Okisan, Prime Minister Abe Requested Respondent Japanese to Return to Japan October 23 16:25

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with Wang Qishan National Vice President of China, in order to be meaningful a visit to Japan in the spring of Xi Jinping Jintao next year, we have confirmed that they would cooperate. They also called for a positive response toward the early return of Japanese detained in China.

Prime Minister Abe had a meeting with the Chinese vice-president Wang Gishan for about 20 minutes at the guesthouse in Minato-ku, Tokyo on the morning of the 23rd.

At the meeting, as has developed the traffic during the day such as the relationship between the leaders of this place, for the visit to Japan as a state guest of Xi Jinping Jintao, which is scheduled in the spring of next year to be meaningful, to continue to cooperate Confirmed.

On that basis, they agreed to strengthen cooperation in the economic field.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Abe urged the Chinese side to respond positively to the early return of the detained Japanese, including a male professor from Hokkaido University, who was detained in China last month.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Abe expressed concern that he was very concerned about the situation in Hong Kong, demanded a solution in peaceful discussions, and free and open Hong Kong prospered under the “one country and two systems”. I pointed out the importance of going.

In a meeting with Thai Prime Minister Prayuth, Prime Minister Abe said that he would like to send out a strong message in the North Korean issue, including the abduction issue, at the ASEAN-Southeast Asian Union summit next month in Bangkok. , We agreed to work together for a successful meeting.

Furthermore, at a meeting with Pakistan's President Albi, Prime Minister Abe asked Japan to ask for self-control in the two countries where tensions continued in the Kashmir region where India and Pakistan fought for territorial rights. I conveyed my position.

In addition, in a meeting with Brunei's King Borchia, the Prime Minister explained that the king decided to abolish the import control measures for Japanese foods that had continued after the nuclear accident in Fukushima, Prime Minister Abe `` I sincerely welcome '' Said.