Both the government and the opposition are now waiting for news. Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn offered to cooperate yesterday with the timetable for dealing with Brexit legislation, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson's proposal for a quick deal was voted down in the House of Commons.

Today, Corbyn and Johnson met but no one came anywhere.

"Labor wanted to discuss another timetable, the government wants to know what Labor would do if it does not become an extension. Sounds like neither side got out much, ”writes BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg on Twitter.

Johnson wants new elections

A little later, Johnson's parliamentary question time also offered the usual scathing words between the Prime Minister and the opposition leader.

The UK Government would like to have as short an extension as possible from the EU, in order to quickly push through the Brexit legislation which is now temporarily paused.

- Now we see what the EU decides on a postponement of Brexit, Johnson said in the House of Commons, adding that he still thinks the best thing for the UK would be to leave the EU on 31 October.

An alternative is to first push through a new election, something Johnson repeated several times in the House of Commons. The Prime Minister would like to have a new election to restore the Conservatives' majority in the lower house and thus make it easier to get through quickly.